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Marty Bergen Contract Bridge Other Products

Here are some other bridge books and software I highly recommend.

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Cover Product Title
POINTS SCHMOINTS! Interactive CD-ROM ($29.95)

Special Offer:

Perfect for gift-giving! Here's a look at a chapter for each of my 2 interactive CDs. One is based on my POINTS SCHMOINTS book. The CD retails for $29.95 The other is based on Marty Sez. This CD retails for $24.95. Special offer - get both for $30 AND Free shipping in the USA.

Whether or not you read the books, you will have a great time testing your knowledge while learning and having fun. The CDs also make a great gift.

The software has been prepared by Fred Gitelman, the "Bill Gates of bridge software." To try out the free demo for POINTS SCHMOINTS, click on the following link: POINTS SCHMOINTS DEMO

To try out the free demo for Marty Sez, click on the following link: MARTY SEZ DEMO

For Instructions, go to the bottom of this page.

Marty Sez... Interactive CD-ROM ($24.95)

See the above special offer!

Larry Cohen’s Bidding Challenge ($15.95) - 192 pages

Interesting slam hands to bid with your partner (special tear-outs). The hands were played in an all-expert tournament. Compare your results with the experts’ bidding (including Larry). Read Larry’s analysis of the hands and the expert bidding including ratings for each hand.

Buy Larry’s book and get Marty’s workbook FREE!

Larry Cohen’s My Favorite 52 ($20) - CD-ROM

Collected over the past 25 years, Larry shows you his favorite 52 hands. Each hand is illustrated bid-by-bid and play-by-play with interactive quizzes along the way. Sometimes Larry is the hero, sometimes the goat. You can try to avoid the errors Larry made at the table. The narrative is light and entertaining, but there is a wealth to be learned with each deal.

Play Bridge with Larry Cohen Day 1 (Day 2) (Day 3) ($20 ea.) - CD-ROM

This new and exciting product takes the user through the Life Master Pairs bid-by- bid and play-by-play with Larry's "over-my- shoulder" narrative. Suitable for most levels of players -- the commentary ranges from simple to advanced -- depending on the difficulty of each particular deal. The user takes one hand on each deal and gets to make interactive decisions.

Cavendish 2000 - Cavendish Pairs Day 1 (Day 2) ($20 ea.) - CD-ROM

An interactive CD narrated in "over-my-shoulder" style. Kit Woolsey takes you through every bid and play of the 54 deals from the first day of the 2000 Cavendish Pairs. You will be asked to make decisions and then find out if you were right or wrong. At the end of each deal you will see the author's analysis and the actual tournament results.

Bridge Master 2000 ($59.95 Now $48) - CD-ROM

"Best software ever created for improving your declarer play."
also get a free copy of a Bergen soft-covered book (your choice of 8)

Instructions for Viewing demos:

You will be asked if you want to open (run this program from its current location) or if you want to save it to your hard disk.

It will be easier if you open the file (don't save it yet).

You will then have to wait anywhere between a few seconds and a few minutes (depending on the speed of your Internet connection) while the file downloads.

When the download is complete you will be taken through the installation procedure. You will be asked a series of questions. You don't have to pay much attention to these. Simply answer "yes", "next", or "finish".

After the program has been installed, an icon that looks like a royal Jack will appear on your desktop with a caption of "Points Schmoints Demo". Double click on this icon to try the demo program. (Same for Marty Sez demo).