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Introduction to Negative Doubles
A Must-Read for the Aspiring Player

Brand-New Edition for 2008!

by Marty Bergen
Ten-Time National Champion

Trade Paper
by Bergen Books (c) 2000
5-1/2" x 8-1/2" x 64 pages

Here is an introduction on one of the most widely-used conventions. Marty clarifies the best way to play each sequence, so you can avoid any misunderstandings with your partner.

ˇ Learn the secrets of the negative double. Find out how many points and what kind of hand you need to use this exciting bidding tool.
ˇ Opener's Rebids -- A plethora of carefully-chosen examples that will enlighten you. This includes tricky cuebids and jump shifts.
ˇ Keep your opponents in line with a timely penalty pass
ˇ Bone up on your hand evaluation
ˇ and a whole lot more!

A dynamic new approach to bridge books! -- This copy is autographed by Marty.

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