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Better Rebidding with Bergen
Over 150 Examples with Detailed Explanations

by Marty Bergen
Ten-Time National Champion

Trade Paper
by Bergen Books (c) 2003
5-1/2" x 8-1/2" x 72 pages

This book focuses on opener's second bid after partner's one - level response. Topics covered include reverses, rebidding a five card suit, how to bid 6 - 4 hands, and rebids when responder is a passed hand. This book is perfect for the improving player, with many examples and very clear explanations:

Reverses: get the real scoop on an essential topic
Is it ever correct for opener to rebid a 5-card suit?
Avoid rebid problems by considering partner's likely response
Raising responder with only 3 trumps - yes, no, maybe?
"6-4 bid more." But should opener rebid the 6, or show the 4?
When to upgrade? When to downgrade?
What changes when a responder is a passed hand?

A dynamic new approach to bridge books!

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