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Bergen's Best Bridge Tips
Read Today - Win Tomorrow!

by Marty Bergen
Ten-Time National Champion

Trade Paper
by Bergen Books (c) 2004
5-1/2" x 8-1/2" x 72 pages

A new series, guaranteed to improve your game and help you win more often. Here's a chance to learn valuable secrets on bidding, declarer play and defense:

· Learn how you can play “2 against 1"
· How to avoid trouble after opening light in third seat
· What must you know about balancing
· When is it okay to bid notrump without a stopper
· When should declarer not count losers in a suit contract?
· How to overcome an enemy preempt
· How should the takeout doubler proceed with a big hand
· Discover how to survive a misfit.

Listen to what Marty Sez -- it will do wonders for your bridge game!

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