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Schlemiel... Schlimazel?  Mensch
An Entertaining Guide

to Becoming the Best You Can Be

by Marty Bergen and Thomas Spector, Ph.D
"The perfect gift"

Hardcover w/Dust Jacket
by Bergen Books (c) 2002
5" x 7" x 283 pages

A Sprinkling of Secrets -- Short & Sweet! Would you like to know...

∑ How to get rid of unwanted visitors with just a touch of peppermint?
∑ The cure for premature evacuation?
∑ How far will a man really go to avoid asking for directions?
∑ Why pumpkin seeds can be a manís best friend?
∑ How a simple phone call can make traveling a breeze?
∑ The way to enjoy your time in the dentistís chair - no kidding!
∑ How to avoid computer anxiety?

The answers and a whole lot more await you!


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