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Marty Sez ... Volume 3
Practical Tips You Can Take To the Bank

by Marty Bergen
Ten-Time National Champion

Hardcover w/Dust Jacket
by Bergen Books (c) 2003
5-1/2" x 8-1/2" x 192 pages

The third book in this popular series is guaranteed to do wonders for your bridge game. Highlights include a smorgasbord of competitive bidding tips as well as over two dozen carefully-explained full deals, each with a valuable lesson. One of the most popular bridge authors of our time, Marty Bergen, Mr. POINTS SCHMOINTS, explains:

A technique every declarer must have at his fingertips.
How you can compete with "unbiddable" hands.
Why you can't afford to worry about sneak attacks.
How to squeeze the most out of every hand.
When not to redouble with 10 HCP.
How to know who has the missing cards in a suit.
When not to high-low with a doubleton.
The best way to respond when partner opens with a forcing bid.

Plus a whole lot more! Listen to what Marty Sez -- it will do wonders for your bridge game!

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